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est 1974

Pasta • Cocktails • Sandwiches


Our famous homemade pizzas have a delicious crust covered with a rich, tasty sauce, loaded with the freshest meats and local vegetables available.


A generous portion of pasta served with your choice of our delicious homemade sauces and homemade garlic bread.





24 delicious varieties of hand-scooped, Italian ice cream to choose from! From classic chocolate to Italian spumoni.


Good local family pizza spot. Nothing is better then when their garlic sticks are fresh and soft!!! Honestly, I look forward to those more than the pizza…which is also always great.

- Rachael E.

Our absolute favorite pizza place! The staff is so friendly and the food is incredible. Once you have a slice of Gianni’s pizza you’ll never want pizza anywhere else.

- Renee B.

I am not a pizza fan but my husband and our 2 boys are. We eat a lot of pizza. Gianni’s does have good pizza – yummy crust and tasty toppings. For 11 people (6 adults, 2 teenagers and 3 kids under 11) we ordered: 6 garlic breadsticks (really good and large in that one breadstick was more like 3 breadsticks), a family salad (good but I didn’t care for the Italian Dressing), one order of wings (which were spicy), one xtra large pepperoni pizza and a large meat lover. We had 3 slices of pizza left over.

- Gins C.

One of my fav pizza spots in Cali! I’ve had NY pizza & its different from it but its still delish! Everytime i go to Monterey it’s a must. The service is good & fast, even when it’s packed. Bread sticks with marinara is the bomb as well!

- Chastity C.

If 5 years later my husband and I are still reminiscing about that amazing pizza our hotel owner referred us is any indication of how good their pizza is, then you’d better believe it! Ever since Gianni’s, every pizza we have managed to get our hands on just pales in comparison. We dream of the next time we can jump on the plane from our mediocre pizzas here in France to the deliciousness that is Gianni’s Pizza. My husband said that maybe our opinions are skewed as we were really hungry when we ate there, so I guess you’ll just have to try it yourself and be the judge.

- Andrea L.

Myt family and I stopped here for a pizza last minute while visiting Monterey. We had a cranky, loud, restless 10 month old in tote. This place is great! We were surprised how good the pizza was. Everything was reasonably priced and delicious. There was plenty of seating and area to bring in our large stroller. The manager that night was incredibly accommodating. I asked for anything for a baby to snack on, as his baby food jar broke. He gave me 2 giant soft breadsticks without hesitation. Great pizza and great service! We will return next time we vacation in Monterey area.

- Michelle S.

OMG doesn’t even justify the pizza here! When you walk in the smell is so yummy it carries you to your seat ( and I wasn’t even hungry). We sat at the bar, so the service was slow; however, we saw the servers on the floor hustling. We will certainly stop in again!

- Francine G.

Easily my favorite pizza place in Monterey.
Pizza and Service are excellent.
It’s not quite a secret menu but there is a pizza Not on the menu you should try.
Pizza di Casa
-Add Jalapeño, Linguica, and Pineapple.
It is unofficially called The Bristol.

Done forget the Calzone either!


Great pizza! Big place with good size tables and a full bar. Snores gelato was simply amazing. Will definitely be back!

- Jason N.

Let me start by saying that I’ve had a lot of great pizza from a lot of artisanal pizzerias, and Gianni’s Pizza was absolutely out of this world!
My wife had the spaghetti with marinara and alfredo sauce mixes, and it was outstanding. I had the Pizza de Casa, and it blew my mind. Everything from the perfect crust to the fresh basil, was absolutely top-notch. I also tasted the barbecue chicken, and it was also fantastic.
The expansive selection of gelato made for a delicious dessert and perfect end to a stunning meal.
The staff were courteous and friendly, and the atmosphere was welcoming. I HIGHLY recommend Gianni’s.

- Dalton H.